Welcome to the

Slatington Fire Department

Welcome to the

Slatington Fire Department

Fire Station

An exterior picture of the main fire station
Fire Station Address:
524 W. Church Street, Slatington, PA 18080

Engine 2411

Engine 2411 is a 1993 KME RENEGADE. The engine carries 750 gallons of water with a 1500 GPM pump. With seating for 6, it also carries 6 pre-connected attack lines and 1500 feet of 5’ hose.

It was purchased new in 1993 and is the workhorse of the department. It responds on all fire related calls whether being first-due or running behind the truck.

Engine 2412

Engine 2412 is a 2000 KME. It was purchased used from the George Clay Fire Department in Conshohocken. It carries 500 gallons of water and a 1750 pump.

Engine 2412 is now being rotated in first-due and carries the department’s foam. With seating for 10, it carries a true 1 ¾ booster reel for car fires as well as a Combi Tool. It runs  2nd due on all motor vehicle accidents with entrapment and first-due to regular spill calls. There is also a full Paratech complement on the apparatus along with large timbers to support rescue company operations.

Ladder 2431

Ladder 2431 is a 2004 Rosenbauer / Central States aerial with a 109’ RK ladder on top. It was bought new in 2004 and carries 1000’ of 5 inch hose and 500 gallons of water with a 2000 GPM pump.

The truck also has a full complement of rope rescue gear and rigging equipment. Ladder 2431 runs first-due to all high occupancy fires.

Rescue 2441

Rescue 2441 is a 1995 KME / International walk-in rescue. It was bought new by the borough in 1996.

As a medium-duty rescue, it carries a full complement of Holmatro rescue tools and air bags. Additionally, it carries rope rescue and confined space gear. The rescue runs first out on all motor vehicle accident with entrapment calls and supplements the engine on spills.

ATV 2491

ATV 2491 is a Polaris 900 Ranger with a full-size medical bed on the back and a side storage compartment. This apparatus can be used for a multitude of events and emergencies. It is also fully skid plated with off road capability and first-aid and EMS supplies along with an AED.

Utility 2492

Bought new in 2012, Utility 2492 is a Ford F550 with a KME utility box on the back.

This truck responds on all EMS assists and assists the engine and rescue on spill calls. This truck also carries fire police gear and portable pumps and hose for emergency pump outs.

Brush 2461

Brush 2461 is a former public works vehicle converted to a brush unit. It’s a 1995 GMC 3500 4×4.

It has a 375 GPM pump and 250 gallons of water. This truck responds first-due on all natural cover and vegetation fires.

Brush 2461 was built by members of the department along with help from the former Kern Bros in Friedens, PA. This truck will also run first-due to a wide range of emergencies in the winter time, as the 4×4 makes it easier to get around in the snow and ice.

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